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Phone: 212-750-9000

Powerful Decision Making 

Decisions made confidently and decisively, informed by stronger and clearer comprehension and expediting the decision making timeline.

Enhanced Collaboration 

Our systems enhance collaboration by enabling multiple users to remotely participate together in virtual reality design, coordination and review sessions, resulting in better designs and more coordinated projects.

Enhanced Design, Coordination & Construction through Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality 

With LERA IMMERSE, designers, owners and builders can finally inhabit and experience not-yet-existing spaces, structures and building systems at real scale — in an immersive, natural way — and with a sense of presence.

Seamlessly convert 3D models into VR Experiences 

We leverage proven technologies to import BIM and 3D models into VR, while providing cost-effective and responsive solutions. Our systems have a low learning curve and are easy to use.

Review comments and marks done in VR can be documented, tracked and translated back to the original BIM and 3D models. 

Coordinate, Plan & Review in VR

Our virtual reality experiences are powerful decision making tools. Our systems provide an intuitive and natural experience of the future environment that elevate the contribution of every user and enhance the effectiveness of design and coordination sessions.

Collect & Analyze Data from VR 

LERA IMMERSE Combines analytical evaluation and extrapolation of data gathered in the virtual environment to better inform the processes it serves. 


e-mail us: immerse@lera.com

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Phone: 212-750-9000